Let's Get Productive -   Introducing GluDocs for HooGlu.

Make ConnectWise work for you.

Connect. Upload. Forget.

Once ConnectWise and GluDocs have been synced, your file organization worries are gone for good. Spend less time filing, more time working.

Cloud Upload
Automatically moves to Google Drive or SharePoint
Encrypted data and connections - Every file with a unique encryption key
Great Search
Search for content in files and across all of your content with ease
Organize your documents so that you can find them easily in one place
Access Control
Use your groups and permissions to manage access
Stress Free
Set it and forget it
Find all your documents in one place
Grows with you
A convenient pricing model that grows as you do

Introducing HooGlu, a portfolio of digital solutions that enhances daily workflows through intelligent and intuitive product integrations. HooGlu allows users to easily link ConnectWise, #1 in Professional Services Automation for businesses, with other commonly used productivity software and systems.

GluDocs, the first tool in the HooGlu Suite, enables users to seamlessly upload files using the familiar ConnectWise user interface while simultaneously storing documents in either Google Drive or Microsoft SharePoint. 


My Company uses Google Drive and SharePoint. Can I use GluDocs for both?

At this time, your registration requires choosing a Google Drive or SharePoint solution, not both.

Once my document is uploaded to ConnectWise, is it difficult to sync the document with Google Drive or SharePoint?

Your document is automatically synced with your chosen file storage solution once GluDocs is configured.

Can I search for my document in Google Drive or SharePoint once it has been uploaded?

Once your file has been uploaded and synced, you will search for the document using the standard search bar within Google Drive or SharePoint.

What file formats can be uploaded using GluDocs?

Any format accepted by ConnectWise can be filed using GluDocs.

Can I use GluDocs with Dropbox?

Not at this time.

How much does GluDocs cost?

The cost is $5.00 per ConnectWise user per month.

Can I cancel my GluDocs license?

Yes, you may cancel your license at any time.

What other HooGlu solutions should I expect to see soon?

Our product team is continually working to develop solutions that integrate other software tools with ConnectWise. Have an idea? If so, please submit your idea using our Contact Form here.



Simple Pricing - Per active ConnectWise user
Consistent document management
Connects to either Google Drive or SharePoint
Syncs in the background
Great browsing and security meets your own search
Per ConnectWise user/month


“Finally, a solution that allows me to easily store my documents from ConnectWise in SharePoint. The duplication of files in multiple locations, along with the inability to find documents, was driving us crazy!”

Jason, Business Analyst

“Love it! It works perfectly with my Google Drive account. I now have instant access to all of my digital files without having to leave ConnectWise. Great work!” 

David, Account Manager

“At last, I can load all of my contracts and agreements into ConnectWise and search for them directly through SharePoint.  Now I can actually find my important documents without a lengthy search!” 

Cindy, Contract Administrator

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